About Us

Attorney Joseph S. Lalli offers a diversified background of twenty five years of the service of law. Attorney Lalli served as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commissioner for the Department of Public Safety from 1999 to 2003, when he retired after twenty one years of service for the Commonwealth. During his time as Commissioner, he was the overseer of many department functions such as Hoisting Licenses, Security Contractor Licenses, Elevator Operators, Construction Supervisor Licenses, and most importantly, the Licensing of Power Plant Operators. In addition he sat on the Elevator Appeals Board, Sprinkler Appeals Board, and the Board of Building Regulations and Standards, as well as the Building Code Appeals Board.

To enhance his concentration in school law issues, Attorney Lalli also teaches courses in the Department of Legal and Protective Services for a local vocational and technical high school. Also, his knowledge and matters for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has lended him great experience in appearing before many administrative boards, such as the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission, Board of Special Education Appeals, and the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

Attorney Lalli has worked on many areas of legislation for Massachusetts Governors that has given him a great deal of expertise, such as “JACKIE’S LAW” for trench safety, The “Fire Act of 2004″ regarding the requirements of sprinklers in certain locations. Additionally, he was successful in obtaining the necessary apparatus for energy consumption into the Massachusetts Plumbing Code for a major energy corporation.

The Law Offices of Joseph S. Lalli has provided legal representation for such clients such as Walmart, the Grossman Companies, the YMCA, and the City of Brockton. Attorney Lalli’s practice also includes municipal law. He is currently the Counsel for the Town of Avon.

Attorney Lalli is a member of the Massachusetts Bar, the Federal District Court for the District of Massachusetts, and the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. Attorney Lalli served five years on the Massachusetts Boxing Commission, Massachusetts Tramway Board, Emergency Medical Services Board of Boston, and was the Governors Representative on the Federal Program for “Better Fathering”.

Attorney Lalli is a Notary and he also is a reserve police officer for the Town of Avon. In addition Attorney Lalli is a Licensed Private Investigator in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by the Department of State Police.

Joseph Lalli is currently located in Avon, Massachusetts and specializes in school law, educational law, and municipal law.